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Spring Trends 2008

Navigating The Spring 2008 Fashion Trends

They’re here! The spring fashion magazines are on newsstands now. And they’re filled with spring trend reports and photographs from the hottest runway shows. But the pictures and styles tend to be extreme "Fashionista" versions, perfect for impact on the runway but not so practical for real life. To confuse the issue further, each magazine editor (and designer) has her own opinion about which trends are THE ones to wear this year.

Here’s some help sorting through all that information so you can figure out what’s wearable and works for you. Here are the practical colors and trends and advice for making them work.

The Color Palette

The Spring 2008 palette is straight out of the garden. The brights of spring bulbs – daffodil yellows, tulip reds and oranges, crocus purples, hyacinth blue, and crisp spring greens are tempered by the earthy shades of sweet cantaloupe, dogwood pink, fresh wheat, lichen green, and heather gray.
The earthy undertones of all the shades make wearing and matching them a snap. Pick any 2 or 3 colors, mix them with your favorite neutrals – and voilá, you’re instantly modern and chic. The look can be classic or eclectic depending on how you put them together.

The Trends

This season is all about mixing strength with femininity. The femininity of ruffles, florals, and sheer fabrics are tempered by updated menswear detailing and tailored silhouettes. The trends are bold, Bold, BOLD!!

The easiest way to incorporate this season’s bold trends - pick a couple key pieces (a dress, jacket, skirt, blouse, or shoe) and mix them with neutral clothes from your closet, simple accessories, and fresh makeup.

Soft & Tailored – Express your femininity with soft ruffles, sheer panels, eyelet details, flowy skirts, and gauzy layers. Look for styles with tailored silhouettes and delicate fabrics to keep the frills from overwhelming your body and adding bulk. A few accessories with a little sparkle or metallic shimmer are all you need to make the look oh so sophisticated. This trend works for the girly girl or for the tomboy who wants to soften the edges a little.

Off The Shoulder – After so many seasons of baring everything from mid-drifts to butt-cleavage, this season’s off the shoulder styles allow us to show a little skin and still leave a lot to the imagination. Asymmetrical dresses and tops with one sleeve or shoulder strap work for almost every age and body. They are perfect for weekends and evenings, and can work for day if you’re in a creative field.

Florals –This season, florals come in every possible color and print. They are soft or bright, bold or delicate, earthy or graphic. Choose the print that’s right for you. If you work in an office setting, add a floral blouse under a suit or with a tailored skirt. If you’re on the run with the kids, pair a floral skirt or shorts with a t-shirt and flats. Metallic, clear lucite or crystal accessories are the perfect compliment.

Brights – If you like classic tailored pieces, this is a great trend for you. Spring’s rich bright colors awaken even the simplest basic garments. Add a few bright pieces in a simple style to your classic wardrobe and you’ll be on trend without being trendy.

Skirts & Dresses – Skirts and dresses abound in every possible shape and length. Choose the ones that fit your style, body, dress-code or mood. Shorter dresses can also be worn over pants if your legs aren’t ready for that much sunlight!

Safari – The new safari is slimmer and more flattering than ever before. It’s comfortable and tailored - great for business casual or a casual party. Earthy accessories made of natural materials are perfect compliments (espadrilles, sandals, and metallic and leather jewelry).

Ethnic & Tribal – African, Middle Eastern, and Asian fabrics and details influence fashion this season. Too many of these elements worn together can turn you into a National Geographic cover. Keep the hippie look at bay by wearing one global piece at a time. Pair it with comfortable classic pieces in natural fabrics like linen, cotton, or silk. Finish your outfit with one dramatic piece of jewelry made from natural materials.

Let me know what you tried and what worked for you! If you want to see these trends in action, tune into Great Day Houston on April 1 and I’ll show you how "in person." If you missed it, here's a link to the video

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