Thursday, October 15, 2009

Optical Style

The right pair of glasses or sunglasses can make your eye color pop, flatter or slim your face, and make you appear more experienced or youthful. Here are some tips to make choosing the perfect pair of glasses a breeze.

To emphasize your eye color, choose a frame in a complimantary color. The color can be bold, subtle, or even accents to a neutral frame.
- Blue eyes - pick frames in pink, red, purple, or orange
- Green eyes - pick frames in purple or golden
- Golden eyes - pick frames in green or purple
- Brown etes - pick frames in any color except brown

For TV and staring at computer screens, choose polarized lenses to reduce glare and reflection. For driving transition lenses turn your driving glasses into sunglasses when you're driving during the day. For sports, choose wrap-around styles for a secure fit, specialized tints to help you see uneven pavements, hazards and balls that can hide in the grass.

Flattering frames compliment the shape of your face. To determine your face shape, pull/slick back your hair, look straight into a mirror, draw an outline of your face on the mirror with an erasable marker or lipstick, and compare the shape of the outline to the faces below. If you have an angular face, choose rounded frames. If you have a rounded face, choose angular frames. Here are some more options for specific faces.

Oval - Face is broadest across the cheeks, longer than wide, and tapers toward the forehead and chin. Look for frames that are at least as wide as your temples with oval/walnut-shaped lenses.

Round - Face width and length are about the same, with full cheeks, and a rounded chin. Look for angular frames, wide/rectangular lenses, and a clear bridge.

Square - Face width and length are about the same, with equal distance across forehead, cheeks, and chin. Look for rounded frames with narrow lenses that are wider than they are tall.

Heart - Face is wider at temples and cheeks and narrows at jaw and chin. Look for frames in a color tone similar to skin tone (light colors for fair skin, medium colors for medium skin, dark colors for dark skin) and with rimless lenses.

Triangle - Face is narrow at temples and forehead and wider at cheeks and jaw-line. Look for attention-grabbing frames, cat eyes, or details along the top edge of the frames.

Rectangular - Face is longer than it is wide, with high cheek-bones, high/broad forehead, and broad jaw. Choose rounded frames with decorative details at the temples, a low bridge, and lenses that are taller than wide.

References: Looking Younger by Robert Jones, The Vision Council,, and Sarah's experience with clients.